Feature Friday: Fact Practice Reports

Using Fact Practice on Front Row, students can do just that: practice their math facts. Students build math fact fluency by testing their ability to recall the basic facts in all four operations — addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division — both accurately and quickly. Think of Front Row Fact Practice as computerized flashcards. The goal of Fact Practice is to help students recall basic facts without conscious effort. When students build this automaticity of math facts, they can devote their working memory to problem-solving and learning new concepts and skills.

Front Row’s Fact Practice now has reports that enable teachers to track student progress on each operation. Digitalized fact practice and detailed reporting about student performance can help teachers quickly target specific facts for certain students and ensure that they are getting the practice they need.


Report #1: Fact Practice Activity Report

The first report is the Fact Practice Activity Report. To access it, click on Fact Practice under Math Reports on the left navigation bar. This report shows students’ fact practice sessions completed during the week. Teachers can see the total coins students have earned (from all practice), the number of fact practice questions answered during the time period, and the accuracy and total time spent on those sessions. By using the drop-down arrow next to each student’s name, teachers can see the specific sessions that students completed, broken down by operation. They can see the levels students are working on within each operation and their accuracy on each of those levels. This gives teachers detailed information about how advanced students are in each operation and with which operations students are struggling.


Report #2: Fact Practice Mastery Report

The second report is the Fact Practice Mastery Report. To access it, click on Mastery, listed under Fact Practice in the Math Reports section of the left navigation bar. This report shows mastery of each fact broken down by operation. Teachers can use the tabs at the top of the report to navigate through the different operations. As students work through Fact Practice sessions, teachers can use the color key see which facts students have mastered, which facts they are currently working on, and which facts they have not yet practiced.


The reports work in tandem with one another. You can use the Mastery Report to see what facts students are currently practicing, and the Activity Report to see how well they are doing when they practice them.

Now, with Front Row’s Fact Practice Reports, teachers can stay better informed about student progress towards fact fluency, utilize that information to give students targeted practice, and ensure that students are building skills that will enable them to be strong mathematicians.



    • Hey Catherine – Great question. The Activity Report is free for the current week of practice. You can see all fact practice sessions students have completed that week. Like many of the other reports, if you want to use the drop-down menu to go back in time and look at past data, you will need School Edition. As for the Mastery Report, you will only see the first 3 students on your roster with the free program. You can see your entire class with School Edition. Hope that helps clarify!


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