Feature Friday: Adaptive Practice Session Updates

As you know, Front Row takes teacher feedback to heart and uses it to create a program that teachers can effectively use in their classrooms. This week, we’ve decided to add some minor (but useful) updates to our adaptive practice sessions!

Previously, sessions ranged from anywhere from 1 to 10 questions, depending on student progress within a level. The progress bar at the top of the student session was related to level completion. This was confusing, at times, to both students and teachers, and made it difficult to know how long a session would last.

Now, adaptive practices sessions are always 10 questions long. And, the progress bar relates to a student’s progress on the session, making it easy for him or her to see how much longer the session will last. We are still working on a way to indicate to students when they complete a level, so keep a lookout for that feature.


We made these changes so that it’s more obvious to students (and teachers) how long they will be working on a session. Our hope is that these small changes make the Front Row experience even better!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please send them our way!


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