Pin for Front Row!


If you’re a teacher, you’re probably on Pinterest. In 2014, 1.3 education-related pins were posted every single day. According to a survey by USC’s School of Education, 38% of teachers use Pinterest to find resources for their classroom. And that’s where our next contest comes in!

If you’re reading this blog, you probably know about and love Front Row. We need teachers like you to help us spread the word, especially on platforms like Pinterest! Here’s how you can help.

Contest Guidelines:

  • shutterstock_183722069.jpgContest Timeline: April 12th, 2016 – April 30th, 2016
  • Create a Pinterest Board about Front Row
  • Create 5 pins that link to or our blog posts (
  • In each of the captions write a new reason why Front Row is a valuable tool for teachers and students!
  • Share the link to your Pinterest Board on our Facebook Page with the Hashtag #FrontRowTop5

What Will You Win?

  • The grand prize winner will win a $50 gift certificate to Amazon and School Edition for 3 months!
  • 2 other winners will win Front Row swag bags (a Front Row water bottle, t-shirt, stickers, and class set of bookmarks) and premium features for 3 months (starting at a date of their choosing)

How Will A Winner Be Selected?

  • Winners be selected based on the popularity of their pins and board (how many likes + repins it has), creativity, and helpfulness to other teachers.


Any questions? Let us know!


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