Feature Friday: Reach For The Stars!

Introducing: The Star System!

Every teacher knows that it’s important to continuously practice skills you may have mastered at one point. That’s what spiraling is all about! On Front Row, we want to mimic this instructional strategy and motivate students to practice concepts they’ve already seen.

Here’s how our new Star System works:

Students will get a star the first time they master a level in their adaptive practice. 1 week later, students can unlock a second star for a level they’re already mastered — though they will need to attain over 90% accuracy in that standard. Three weeks after getting their second star, students can go back again and earn a 3rd star! And, when students go back and practice standards they’ve already mastered, they can earn double or triple the coins! This will help motivate students to redo completed levels and help them get spaced practice with important concepts.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 10.38.40 AM

Algorithm Improvements:

2 weeks ago, we launched an improved algorithm to make our adaptive practice even better. This algorithm ensures that Front Row doesn’t get too difficult too quickly for your students. Students will now need to show a higher level of mastery before progressing through the levels. Likewise, if students are struggling on the level they are currently in, the adaptive engine will move them to a lower level to have them work on remediation content.

Happy April Fools!

We hope you enjoyed our April Fools pirate joke. We know these students did!

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.27.56 AM

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 11.27.42 AM


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