Teachers Talk Tech

Contributing Author: Tasha Ohotzke

Tech Talk - Schilling School Friends (1)

When I first thought about organizing a Tech Talk at Panera Bread, my main intention was to get teachers together to talk about ways that they use Front Row in their classroom and to share my love for this incredible adaptive math and ELA program.  I also hoped to help teachers further develop their professional learning network and provide an open format to share other effective tech ideas to use in the classroom in order to give all students a voice, make their thinking visible and to let them share their learning with others.  

Tech Talk 2

To my delight, the Tech Talk was amazing!  We had a huge turn out, which I really wasn’t expecting. 20 teachers from 4 different school districts attended the Tech Talk to collaborate on Front Row and share other tech ideas. Some teachers were just beginning to use Front Row in their classrooms, while others were part of the Front Row originals.  I shared the fabulous features of Front Row as well as fan favorites such as the Piggy Store and the Inquiry Based Lessons.  Teachers also discussed the best ways to use the detailed data from the teacher dashboard to drive classroom instruction. We even played a quick dash for the cash game on Front Row.  Those with the highest coins earned were thrilled to receive free Front Row swag such as bookmarks, pens, and piggy stickers!  

While munching on scrumptious Panera bagels and pastries, teachers continued to share ways to embed the latest forms of technology into our classrooms.  Throughout the evening, I was excited to learn about several new tech ideas and look forward to trying them out in my own classroom soon.

I enjoyed every minute of the Tech Talk.  We shared, we laughed, we learned.  All in all, it was a great night spent with a wonderful group of dedicated and highly motivated educators!

Teacher Tech Talk 1


Tasha 2Tasha Ohotzke has taught 3rd grade for 13 years in the Homer 33C School District in Illinois. She loves her school, and even has 2 of her own kids at her school with her. Tasha is a tech champion in her school and district, and often helps other teachers implement technology in their classrooms. Tasha was among the first teachers to use Front Row and she is a beloved Front Row Ambassador.






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