Celebrating 3 Million

It’s Friday. It’s cold outside. Teachers and students alike are excited for the weekend. What else is new? It feels like the average end of the week at a school. That is, until the clock strikes 1, when 320 slices of pizza arrive for students at South Canton Scholars.


As much as we would love to, we aren’t able to host a pizza party every day of the week, or even every month for that matter. But, this time we couldn’t help ourselves, because we wanted our celebration of the students and teachers at South Canton Scholars to be huge. Why, you ask?

On February 17th, a student named Jaylin Haynes (pictured below) became the 3 millionth student to sign up for our platform. I repeat: Front Row now has 3 million students practicing on our platform. Pizza parties everywhere!!

*Jaylin Haynes – our 3 millionth student!

So enjoy these photos, celebrate this momentous occasion with us, and keep spreading the Front Row love. Who knows? Maybe your student will be our 4th million!


P.S. if you want to share this success with your students, who love Front Row, show them this awesome, educational infographic!


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