Now you can upload your class roster with Excel!

Good afternoon teachers! Exciting news—now there’s an easy way for you to upload your new students into your Front Row class roster. You can paste your class list directly from Excel. Here’s how it works:

Create a list of your students in Excel with these 3 columns:
First Name, Last Name, and Grade

Log in to your Front Row dashboard and click on the green “Manage Rosters” button in the top left corner.

After you’ve transferred your students from last year to their new teachers (see how to do that here), add your new students by scrolling to the bottom of the roster list and clicking the blue “+Paste from Excel” button. Paste your class list from Excel into the blank box.

Ta-da! Your students are now in your new class roster. Click “Save” if the student information is correct. If you need to modify a student’s information, just click on that student’s name to edit.

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