The Stereotypes About Math That Hold Americans Back

The new Common Core curriculum gives more time for depth and exploration than the curricula it has replaced

Jo Boaler of Stanford University wrote an interesting article in the Atlantic recently about the benefits of the common core and how there’s still room for curriculum improvement in math education in the U.S.  She illustrated our preoccupation with speed in math with Laurent Schwartz, a distinguished mathematician, and how he was made to feel unintelligent in school because he was the slowest math thinker in his class.  How many student like Laurent Schwartz are in math classrooms today felling unintelligent for the speed they work through problems and master content?  We’re excited that Front Row helps fight against this old mentality, allowing students to learn and solve problems at their own pace to build math confidence, problem solving skills and deep understanding.

The Stereotypes About Math That Hold Americans Back


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